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Product Support Services
Subhuti's Product Support Services provide an extension to the client's professional services organization (PSO). In over a small period Subhuti has a successful background in setting up and operating offshore-based Centers of Excellence (CoE) for various product companies. These CoEs proactively develop, fine-tuned implementation methodologies, tools and templates that aid quicker product implementation.

Further Subhuti's teams bring in collective expertise, which has evolved over 5 years of enterprise software implementation and support, to aid cost-effective and rapid deployments through its Global Delivery Model. By moving almost 60% of the implementation lifecycle offshore, Subhuti helps its clients reduce implementation costs and thereby, barriers to implementation

Subhuti also provides offshore-based Sustenance Engineering Services to product companies. These services include end-to-end management of the products under sustenance and are backed by innovative commercial models, characterized by "risk-reward" pricing that aligns the support costs with product revenues for Subhuti's clients. This provides an attractive option for software product companies to offer high-quality support to their customers who are on mature and "End-of-Life" product lines, while focusing on the development of new products capable of meeting emerging market needs. A consistent feature of all long-term Product Sustenance engagements of Subhuti is a committed improvement in productivity and reduction in the cost of support on an Y-o-Y basis.

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We didn't think we could find a system that vould solve our complex needs at a reasonable price. Subhuti not only provided a system but also an excellent implementation team to make sure we were successful.

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By Motlag,
CIO, Trux International

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